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Greetings, oh, wise ruler! Turn-Based Kingdom is a turn-based economic strategy game. You can build your ancient Egyptian city, solve complex economic and urban tasks in the conditions of barren deserts, oases and disunited Islands in the Nile Delta. You should get resources, build production chains, manage dynamically changing settlements, and finally one day you will find the way to the construction of the Great Pyramid.

Game features

  • Turn-Based economic strategy game.
  • Build your ancient Egyptian city.
  • Settlements are changing dynamically. Houses can be either improved or degraded depending on the prevailing conditions.
  • Build a complex production chain.
  • Manage the economy. Collect taxes, trade, get resources, produce goods and services.
  • Build up your Great Pyramid.


Turn-Based Kingdom v0.8.zip 10 MB


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very fun game but dont realy get futher than the oris building in the training but i like te concept and will try to do it :)

Great game!

Thanks! :)

Ok I think I'm doing something wrong, The everincreasing tax of Pharao is like, how do I play it?

Just increase revenue :)

The easiest way is to trade. Sell resources, then produce goods from resources and sell them.
Also "grow" houses and collect taxes from them. At high levels, they give enough money.

It says to pay a tax to the Pharaoh, it does not say how to do this, I cannot find how to do this, I lose.

If you have enough gold then the left button in the tax pop-up window is turned on.

nice game but for me the resource is too much. but every resource is needed to built or spend on building. the price for some building is too expensive. overall good game!

Thanks. Management of resources is one of the important things in this game.

Did you happen to take inspiration from Caesar III? I felt an instant sense of nostalgia just looking at the screenshots.

Yes. Mostly I take inspiration from Pharaoh, but the gameplay is completely different. It is turn-based economics.

Ah, same developer and visual style. I really like your take on it.

I'm afraid I can't provide feedback on the actual gameplay, since I'm really bad at management even without time pressure.

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That looks and sounds very interesting and unique, I'll try it soon.

Thanks :)